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Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.1.1

Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.1.1: Add-on for advanced  table merging and data consolidating in MS Excel 2000-2010. Consolidation Manager is designed for merging tables and consolidating Microsoft Excel data. In comparison to a standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one. Advanced Consolidation Manager will help you to consolidate data from different files in one: with grouping by worksheets; by creation of

Consolidator Enterprise for Excel 2.1.0: Consolidate a large volume of spreadsheets data in just a few seconds.
Consolidator Enterprise for Excel 2.1.0

data in just a few seconds, making it possible to obtain advanced processing reports for an immediate view of the information. Possibility of creating ā€œnā€ consolidation models and keeping them in a data base for later use. Ability to select, based on a prototype, the treatment to be given to data when performing consolidation. Option to create consolidation structures (trees) at different levels, as many as needed, to be able to analyze the information

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MyDbExplorer 3.8: Database frontend client tool for SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Access, SQLite
MyDbExplorer 3.8

databases. It has builtin capability to do schema comparisons across different databases. If you need to migrate your data from one database to another or consolidate multiple databases (may of different types) into a single database, MyDbExplorer can definitely be the tool you can use. Data Migration and/or Data Consolidation are features built directly into the framework and thus work across all different types of supported plugins. Currently,

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Spreadsheet Consolidator for Excel 2.5.0: Consolidate your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets data, flexible and quickly.
Spreadsheet Consolidator for Excel 2.5.0

data from one or several sheets from one or many open workbooks, easy and quickly. Save time by consolidating spreadsheet data from one or several sheets from one or many workbooks, easy and quickly. Save yourself a lot of time and effort, consolidating all of your important and huge data with Spreadsheet Consolidator for Excel. The following kinds of consolidation have been added: Consolidate the selected sheets from several workbooks (opened or

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VerSec Data Protection Solution 2.6: The first policy based Data @ Rest, Data in Motion and Data @ Endpoint solution!
VerSec Data Protection Solution 2.6

data is being sent and stop confidential data from leaving your organization. Data @ Endpoint Extend the reach of your data security program to cover Data at the Endpoint and protect data being copied to USB drives, iPods and other removable media. The VerSec Data @ Endpoint solution gives data security teams the insight and control they need to secure confidential data at the endpoint. This includes the ability to protect intellectual property,

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FmPro Migrator 6.46: Migrates FileMaker to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, SQLite,PostgreSQL
FmPro Migrator 6.46

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina. -- Migrates Access Forms/Reports, Relationships, Visual Basic to FileMaker 11 -- Converts FileMaker layouts into PHP web applications -- Migrates Firebird and SQL Server to FileMaker 11 -- FileMaker Table Consolidation/Database Rebuild

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OlapCube 3.0: OlapCube is a simple, yet powerful tool to analyze data.
OlapCube 3.0

data structure that allows fast analysis of data. The arrangement of data into cubes overcomes a limitation of relational databases. Relational databases are not well suited for near instantaneous analysis and display of large amounts of data. Instead, they are better suited for creating records from a series of transactions. Although many report-writing tools exist for relational databases, these are slow when the whole database must be summarized

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